Value creation through governance


Governance creating and protecting value

The Board contributes to strategic delivery and value creation by focusing on responsible and ethical leadership to ensure a sustainable business. The Board periodically reviews opportunities and threats it believes could have the most significant impact on the Group's ability to have sustainable value for its stakeholders.

Datatec's view on corporate governance is to approach it as more than just a compliance exercise, but rather, as a tool that contributes to improved operational decision-making and business performance.

The Board is confident that the improved corporate governance achieved through the Group's governance structures has created value in the form of improved financial performance, sustainable business model, transparent shareholder relationships and high-reputational integrity.

Governance during COVID-19

The declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the WHO on 11 March 2020 heralded an unprecedented global economic and humanitarian crisis. The Board of Datatec recognises its responsibility to oversee the Group's actions and to manage the increasing risks associated with the pandemic. Focus will be placed on optimising the business for the current environment which will include cost and liquidity management as well as ensuring the wellbeing of our staff across the Group. The Board is monitoring developments closely and Datatec is continuously adjusting across all its operations.

Board representation and contribution to value creation

Diversity is enshrined in Datatec's Code of Conduct and the Board strongly supports the principle of diversity at Board level as an essential element of good corporate governance. A diverse Board includes differences in the skills, industry experience, cultural background, race, gender and other distinctions between members of the Board. These differences will be considered in determining the optimum composition of the Board and when possible will be balanced appropriately. This diversity facilitates an environment for constructive dialogue and enables the Board to consider the needs of a wide range of stakeholder interests.

During the year under review, there were some changes to the composition of the Board. The Board is of the view that the most recent changes to the Board will result in greater diversity in terms of skills and experience, race, age, gender and culture.

The Board believes that these governance qualities enable the Group to create value for stakeholders in a sustainable manner as described in the strategy section of this report.

Please refer to Investor Information for more details on diversity at Board level.

The policy on promotion of diversity at Board level is available on the website