Health and safety report

Safety, health and environment ("SHE") policy and procedures

Datatec has a Group-wide SHE policy, which is complemented by individual policies at each subsidiary to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Management at each subsidiary is responsible for implementing and maintaining the policy throughout the organisation, and ensuring that health and safety considerations are given priority in planning and day-to-day supervision of work.

The Group CEO delegates the responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment to a Health and Safety Committee or nominated individuals at each subsidiary. Health and safety issues are collated by the committees, nominated individuals and the Group Company Secretary, who reports to the Board.

Health and wellness

The approach to health and wellness is on a per region/operation basis, in keeping with the decentralised management model of the Group. At most operations, employees are afforded health schemes with the operations contributing the entire or part of the employee membership fee.

Health and safety committees

The subsidiary health and safety committees' members are permanent, full-time employees acquainted with conditions and activities in the workplace. Each subsidiary elects its health and safety committee and will include representatives from various departments within the subsidiary.

The committees are responsible for:

  • reviewing and recommending changes to the SHE policy;
  • investigating any accident which may occur, with the objective of achieving a factual and honest assessment of the causes and thereby preventing recurrence;
  • proactively identifying health and safety hazards in the work environment;
  • reporting hazards to management;
  • making recommendations to management to reduce health and safety hazards;
  • keeping abreast of relevant legislation;
  • creating awareness of workplace risks with employees;
  • investigating complaints by employees relating to health and safety at work;
  • setting goals for improving health and safety within the business;
  • identifying health and safety training needs in the different areas of the business; and
  • attending meetings with health and safety inspectors if required.

Employees are responsible for taking reasonable care of their own health, carrying out lawful orders in terms of health and safety, and complying with notices, instructions, hazard and warning signs. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to report any safety risk and any accident, injury or health and safety incident to the designated health and safety representative or human resources manager.