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The Social and Ethics Committee's responsibilities encompass monitoring and regulating the Group's social and ethics performance, and its impact on its stakeholders.

Stephen Davidson
Social and Ethics Committee Chair

Responsible Business overview
Datatec is committed to doing business responsibly. We believe that cultivating long-term value for shared prosperity is critical to our business. Our Responsible Business practices reflect a holistic view which encompasses four main pillars namely, Our Communities, Our Planet, Our People and Governance and Communication.

Our committee is focused on ensuring that the remuneration structures at Datatec drive value creation for our stakeholders, with a reward framework and value proposition for our executives, which is in accordance with ethical corporate governance standards.

Datatec requires that all subsidiaries, at a minimum, comply with local health and safety regulations. Management at each subsidiary is responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws and reporting major work-related injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences.