Corporate social investment

Group CSI

The Datatec Educational and Technology Foundation ("the Foundation") funds educational organisations whose purpose is to improve education within underprivileged communities in South Africa. Datatec recognises that education is the foundation on which a successful economy is built.

More than 80% of Datatec's R7 million CSI spend was directed into educational initiatives consisting of school level intervention programmes for learners, teachers and educational bursaries. Other initiatives include the provision of technology infrastructure and skills development for unemployed youth.

Highlights of FY18

The following are approximate numbers of individuals who have benefited from the R7 million funding provided by the Foundation in FY18:

FY18 direct beneficiaries

Total number of learners benefiting from better qualified teachers –

100 000+ in various parts of the country

Total number of teachers benefiting from having access to training facilities sponsored by Datatec –

497 in the Western Cape

CSI spend by geography

Secondary school level interventions – teacher and learner development

Datatec funds non-profit organisations that provide professional development to teachers as well as organisations that provide secondary school level intervention programmes focused on improving results in mathematics, science and English. The primary objective of our secondary school level intervention programmes is to increase both participation rates and the number of quality passes with a particular focus on the important subjects like mathematics and science that allow learners to study towards careers in medicine, engineering, accounting and others that require these subjects. The FY18 beneficiaries are set out below.


The Vula Programme is Hilton College's educational outreach and community support initiative. It provides an educational service to around 90 underresourced schools in disadvantaged communities in KwaZulu-Natal.

Datatec's contribution FY18

In 2001, Datatec donated R3 million towards the establishment of a centre for innovation, which meant the school could share resources, facilities and access to technology with less privileged schools in the area. In FY18 Datatec contributed towards the Vula Mathematics Academy, the Vula Mathematics and Science Project and the Vula Careers Day.


ProMaths assists learners to obtain decent passes (minimum C symbol) in mathematics and science in underprivileged schools.

Datatec's contribution FY18

Datatec has been involved with Kutlwanong since 2011, funding extra tuition in mathematics and science for ±400 Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners from 25 partner schools in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape. Learners receive tuition every Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as during the school holidays.


The Tomorrow Trust provides integrated academic and psychosocial support to orphaned and vulnerable children.

Datatec's contribution FY18

Datatec supports the Senior Saturday and Holiday School Programme for 30 Grade 8 and 30 Grade 11 learners. The support enabled the learners to receive comprehensive academic support in mathematics, English, physical science, life science and computer science as well as providing career guidance support, leadership workshops, and psychosocial support.


OLICO develops tailored education initiatives for South African township communities.

Datatec's contribution FY18

Datatec has been supporting the development of OLICO's open-learning mathematics initiative. The programme offers academic support in mathematics for learners between Grades 7 and 12. The programme also supports Grade R to 3 learners with literacy and computer-based mathematics.


Numeric provides after-school mathematics interventions in underprivileged schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Datatec's contribution FY18

Datatec funded three groups (75 Grade 7 learners) at Ikaneng Primary School in Diepkloof, Soweto, who received 100 hours of additional instruction in mathematics for a period of one year.

Provision of technology infrastructure

As a leading global technology company, Datatec recognises that access to ICT is vital in a growing economy and it is the Foundation's objective to provide underprivileged communities with access to computer technology for the purposes of education, skills development and job creation.


MI is South Africa's first free university providing financial support, access to education, skills development and personal development tools to underprivileged students in Johannesburg. MI provides work experience to students by offering commercial BPO services. Students work in call centres and earn money while they study towards a qualification.

Datatec's contribution FY18

In 2010, Datatec funded a network infrastructure at MI to run its computer labs on two floors allowing 500 computers to be networked and accessed by students.

During the period FY16 to FY18, Datatec provided funding for the upgrade of the fourth, fifth and sixth floors at the centre which is utilised as a BPO call centre. The sixth floor labs were also fully refurbished to accommodate 180 computer work stations with internet connection for student learning.


Afrika Tikkun implements a holistic development model to provide sustainable care and development programmes for vulnerable and orphaned children from birth to 25 years of age.

Datatec's contribution FY18

In 2010, Datatec funded Afrika Tikkun's network infrastructure enabling connectivity across its five community centres. Each community centre is also equipped with a computer centre which is used by learners and community members for research and ICT training.

In FY18, Datatec contributed towards ICT upgrades and maintenance.


An NPO partnering with smaller community-based projects in rural areas to help uplift and alleviate poverty.

Datatec's contribution FY18

Datatec donated five laptops and a printer to Sedgefield Primary School in the Western Cape.

Bursaries for tertiary studies

The Foundation believes that the investment in maths and science at secondary level will grow South African's talent pool of students studying towards disciplines like engineering, medicine, science and accounting. For this reason, the Foundation commits a portion of its CSI funding to tertiary education in the form of bursaries, particularly in the field of accounting.


The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants ("SAICA") initiative was established to provide full bursaries to disadvantaged students at nine SAICA-accredited universities.

Datatec's contribution FY18

Datatec has been in partnership with Thuthuka since 2011 and provides full bursaries to 10 students for a period of three years.

Skills development

South Africa has a high rate of youth unemployment and many young people do not have formal tertiary education or vocational training. The youth in South Africa are not participating in the economy, nor acquiring the skills and work experience they need to assist in driving the economy forward. Not only are young people finding it more and more difficult to secure jobs due to a shortage of job opportunities, but they lack skills, work experience, job search abilities and financial resources to find employment. Youth unemployment is one of the greatest socio-economic problems currently facing South Africa, leading to tremendous human suffering and resultant consequences of crime, violence, women and child abuse, and societal instability. Datatec partners with organisations that provide information technology training to young people who want to acquire ICT skills.


Change the World Trust is an NPO that specialises in delivering educational projects related to information technology training for disadvantaged youth.

Datatec’s contribution FY18

In FY18, Datatec provided funding to enable unemployed youth to receive IT skills training.


Siyakhula Computer School provides low-cost computer literacy training to underprivileged communities across five centres.

Datatec's contribution FY18

Datatec has been involved with Siyakhula since 2001 and funded the establishment of the first computer school in Ivory Park.

Datatec contributed towards the programme director’s annual salary in FY18.

Westcon International
Westcon International-2

Westcon International

Westcon International fully supports a wide variety of corporate and employee-led charitable initiatives, offering time and resources to improve the communities where its employees live and work. Throughout the company, individuals and teams give their energy to important causes, including education, fighting disease, improving health, helping the disadvantaged and general community enrichment.

The company is especially supportive of technology-focused career development opportunities for younger generations. Since 2015, the Westcon International southern Africa team has been working with Kliptown Secondary School, offering financial, product and technical support to the school's computer laboratory. Kliptown Secondary serves nearly 2 000 students from the underprivileged Soweto and Eldorado Park areas. The southern Africa team also hosts an annual career day for Grade 11 and 12 learners. Westcon International team members talk with students about IT distribution and related day-to-day business activities to give students more insight into a wide range of IT careers.

Westcon International's mission of raising awareness of the IT industry in South Africa is furthered through two other partnerships in the region. The company annually sponsors bursaries for the JB Marks Education Trust Fund, dedicated to previously disadvantaged individuals studying in the field of IT. The fund helps increase the pool of workers with IT skills in the region. Westcon International has also teamed up with the SAME Foundation to upgrade the IT laboratory of the Diepsloot School in South Africa, which has more than 1 700 students from Grades 0 to 12. The lab is expected to be completed by April 2018, with Westcon International also committed to sponsoring 50 new computers.

In addition to the financial and product-focused contributions provided by the company, Westcon International employees volunteered countless service hours to numerous organisations within their local communities. Among the highlights, Westcon International staff in Kenya spent time visiting residents of the Nyambani Children's Home, where 126 orphaned children and young adults live with HIV/Aids. In Swindon, England, Westcon International employees supported Threshold, an organisation that provides emergency accommodation to local homeless people and helps them work toward permanent housing. And in the Netherlands, employees rallied around IT4Kids, an organisation that uses IT hardware donations to give underprivileged children a chance to participate in athletic activities.

Social service has always been an integral part of Westcon International's business philosophy and, together, our teams will continue investing our time and talents in all ways possible to build better, more meaningful and enriched lives for everyone.

Nyambani Children’s Home

Nyambani Children’s Home – Westcon International employees sing and play games with children from Nyambani Children’s Home in Kenya, which supports 100+ orphaned children and young adults living with HIV/Aids. The event raised approximately KES500 000 (US$5 000)

Westcon International staff

IT4Kids – Westcon International staff attend the IT4Kids Gala 2017 in Noordwijk, Netherlands, raising more than €400 000 (US$518 000) to support the organisation, which gives underprivileged children a chance to participate in athletic activities

Kliptown School Career Day

Kliptown School Career Day – Students from Kliptown School attend Westcon International’s Career Day, where staff members explain career opportunities in the IT industry


Logicalis' operating companies are committed to improving the quality of life for their local communities and this year saw increased employee participation in activities that make a difference. Here are just a few highlights:

During FY18, Logicalis US donated in excess of US$110 000 to 97 different charities in the communities Logicalis serves across the United States. In addition, Logicalis US encourages all employees to donate their time in their local community by allowing eight hours of paid time off annually.

Logicalis Singapore again provided voluntary support to SWAMI Home, including an afternoon of playing games with the elderly community, sponsoring tea break pastries, and having a birthday celebration for elderly people who had a birthday in the month of July. In addition, Logicalis Singapore also organised a mini Children's Day party for the young patients at KK Women and Children's Hospital in Singapore. They conducted activities such as face painting, glitter tattoos, taking photos at the photo booth and distributed goodie bags.

Logicalis Hong Kong gave up its public holiday on 1 May to spend time educating and playing with underprivileged children and families. The Logicalis employees demonstrated various science experiments at the science booth and the children were thrilled and excited to be involved in such experiments.

Logicalis UK ("LUK") took part in various charitable initiatives including walking the Great South Run with Claire Lomas and donating £1 000 to the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation in her honour. It also raised £4 800 for Macmillan Cancer Support by hosting a great coffee morning across various offices, and donating 275 gifts and almost £500 to Reading Family Aid, as well as boxes of warm clothing to a local homeless shelter over Christmas. In addition, every LUK employee is entitled to one paid day of volunteering at a select list of local charities.

Logicalis Channel Islands entered a team in the Lions Club of Jersey Swimarathon, Jersey's annual five-day charity swimming event that raises money for the local community. The team's efforts enabled them to raise almost £400 for the event.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis ("TDL") Australia participated in Run for the Kids, a community fun run, that raises funds for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. They also took part in a 10 km fun run, organised by their local customer, Berry Street, to raise money for the organisation which helps vulnerable children, young people and families across Victoria.

For the second year, TDL Australia supported a team to participate in Melbourne City Mission's Sleep at the 'G, where volunteers sleep out for a night at Melbourne's leading sporting ground to get a glimpse of the ongoing conditions experienced by homeless youth. The money raised by this event supports homeless people in the state of Victoria. In total, TDL Australia raised over AU$14 500 towards these, and other similar initiatives.

In October 2017, TDL Australia consolidated its four Australian-based offices down to two, and in doing so responsibly disposed of old, unused technology by partnering with PonyUp, an organisation which turns unwanted, second hand technology into charitable currency, reducing the level of ewaste into landfill. PonyUp donates 50% of profits to SecondBite Australia's largest fresh food rescue charity, redistributing fresh surplus food donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events to more than 1 300 community food programmes on the frontline of food poverty around Australia.

TDL's Malaysian-based office also donated 11 laptops, food items and fundraised RM200 to Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah, an organisation that provides services to physically handicapped and disabled children and a donation to New Mercy Life Home, which serves the elderly, children and the destitute in distress.

In Brazil, Logicalis launched the Christmas Campaign, which collected presents for children in need. Through this initiative, more than 120 children and adolescents from CCA Santa Tereza, in São Paulo, benefited.

In Argentina, Logicalis was part of a massive campaign to collect clothes and household goods for the people affected by the swelling of the Pilcomayo river, in Salta (northwest of the country). They ran a campaign called Sumando esfuerzos and every donation of food or toys from an employee was matched by the company and given to Asociación Civil El Arca, a voluntary charity organisation.

In Paraguay, Logicalis also campaigned to collect clothes and household goods for the people affected by the flooding in Ñeembucú, a region located in the south of the country. For the fifth consecutive year, they participated in the solidarity run of Fundación Dequeni, an organisation that helps children deal with disadvantaged situations.

Logicalis Peru donated clothes, household goods and cleaning products to Casa Hogar El Niño Emanuel, a voluntary charity organisation for children in disadvantaged situations.

UK challenge

UK challenge (Help for Heroes)

Children’s Day Party

Children’s Day Party, Singapore