Safety and health

Safety, health and environment ("SHE") policy and procedures

Datatec has a Group-wide SHE policy, which is complemented by individual policies at each subsidiary to ensure compliance with local regulations. Management at each subsidiary is responsible for implementing and maintaining the policy throughout the organisation, and ensuring that health and safety considerations are given priority in planning and day-to-day supervision of work. The Group CEO delegates the responsibility for maintaining a safe working environment to a Health and Safety Committee or nominated individuals at each subsidiary. Health and safety issues are collated by the committees, nominated individuals and the Group Company Secretary, who reports to the Board.

Health and wellness

The approach to health and wellness is on a per region/operation basis, in keeping with the decentralised management model of the Group. At most operations, employees are afforded health schemes with the operations contributing the entire or part of the employee membership fee.

Health and safety committees

The subsidiary health and safety committees' members are permanent, full-time employees acquainted with conditions and activities in the workplace. Each subsidiary elects its health and safety committee and will include representatives from various departments within the subsidiary. The committees are responsible for:

  • reviewing and recommending changes to the SHE policy;
  • investigating any accident which may occur, with the objective of achieving a factual and honest assessment of the causes and thereby preventing recurrence;
  • proactively identifying health and safety hazards in the work environment;
  • reporting hazards to management;
  • making recommendations to management to reduce health and safety hazards;
  • keeping abreast of relevant legislation;
  • creating awareness of workplace risks with employees;
  • investigating complaints by employees relating to health and safety at work;
  • setting goals for improving health and safety within the business;
  • identifying health and safety training needs in the different areas of the business; and
  • attending meetings with health and safety inspectors if required.

Employees are responsible for taking reasonable care of their own health, carrying out lawful orders in terms of health and safety, and complying with notices, instructions, hazard and warning signs. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to report any safety risk and any accident, injury or health and safety incident to the designated health and safety representative or human resources manager.


Commitment to health and safety

Logicalis recognises its obligation to reduce the risk of injury in the work environment and to provide a clean and safe place to work. Logicalis undertakes to comply with health and safety regulations as set out in the jurisdictions in which Logicalis operates around the world.


Each Logicalis operation has its own health and safety policy which is consistent with best practice in the applicable jurisdiction, and regularly undertakes programmes and procedures to mitigate health and safety risks, such as risk assessments and safety audits.


Logicalis also ensures that the appropriate health and safety training is provided for its employees for the role that they perform, which includes, where appropriate, the training of first aiders and fire marshalls.

All employees within Logicalis annually complete an online Code of Conduct training course which covers the responsibilities of Logicalis as an employer and all Logicalis employees with regard to health and safety in the workplace.

Encouraging employees to take care of their health

Logicalis US encourages all employees to get a physical examination through their primary physician each year that is paid for by the company. Employees who get a physical examination in a particular year pay discounted premiums on their Logicalis-provided medical coverage for the entire calendar year. In addition, in the winter, employees are encouraged to get flu vaccinations which are covered by their medical plans.

Latin America

Logicalis Brazil supports the welfare of its employees by offering free flu vaccinations. It has also increased awareness of breast and prostate cancer among employees, promoting a series of actions for "Pink October" and "Blue November", bringing in expert speakers and encouraging staff to walk and move more and converting their number of steps into donations for entities that support the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of these diseases.

In Logicalis Argentina, all employees are assisted with first-class health plans and offered a variety of ad hoc health events throughout the year such as exercise hours and massage sessions. The company provides fruit for its staff on a daily basis and also offers a free flu vaccination.


Logicalis UK has created a Health and Safety forum that meets once a month, with inter-departmental reporting on health and safety issues. A Health and Safety Manager has been appointed to make the management of health and safety issues a priority within the business. It also offers best-in-class health plans to all employees.

In Logicalis Ireland, all employees have completed a manual handling course. Employees were trained on how to perform specific manual handling tasks and identify ergonomic factors associated with their work activities. This course has now been included in Logicalis Ireland's induction process for all new employees. A refresher course will be undertaken by all employees on a biannual basis.

At Logicalis Germany, every location has trained employees to administer first aid. Furthermore, there are regular audits by an external consultant on health and safety. Logicalis Germany offers fresh seasonal fruits to employees on a weekly basis.


Logicalis Singapore has renewed their certification for bizSafe Level 4, awarded by the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council for three years. The bizSafe programme promotes workplace safety and health through the recognition of safety efforts. Selected staff are trained in first aid and CPR courses that equip them with better skills and knowledge in handling emergency situations. To promote a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits, staff get to enjoy generous servings of fresh fruits, courtesy of the company, on a designated day each month.

For the wellbeing of employees, Logicalis Taiwan offers its employees a free health screening once every two years. Periodic fire and earthquake drills are also held to ensure readiness and safe evacuation of employees.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis ("TDL") has trained employees in its Australian and Malaysian operations to provide first aid assistance, should the need arise. TDL Australia has also trained fire wardens. TDL Malaysia office has a health and safety committee that meets regularly to review management of incidents and provide feedback on ways to improve health and safety systems and procedures. TDL Australia also provides fresh fruit daily and offers free flu vaccinations to all employees.

Westcon International

Commitment to health and safety

Westcon International has provided additional professional health and safety resources to meet growing demands for legislative compliance and stakeholder requirements. It has recruited a UK-based Facilities Co-ordinator and a Health, Safety and Quality Management Co-ordinator.

The team will help maintain a safe and environmentally conscious workplace and business environment, which is managed in accordance with local standards and regulations.


Westcon is increasing safety promotional information and training, raising the profile of health and safety across the business. This includes standardised safety reporting, health and safety awareness e-learning, employee feedback on potential issues, and reviewing "near miss" incidents to help reduce potential workplace accidents. A Health, Safety and Quality module is also included in the EMEA New Starter Induction event.