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Datatec Group

Datatec employs over 10 000 employees across more than 50 countries. The Group strives to attract and retain employees of the highest calibre to uphold performance and build sustainability, and in parallel prioritises optimal working conditions and opportunities for development. The Group seeks to develop skills and talent inherent in its workforce.

The Group is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to a working environment that is free from discrimination in every region in which it operates. The divisions accord completely with this commitment. All reported incidents are investigated and if substantiated, a disciplinary enquiry will be convened, the outcome of which may lead to termination of employment.

Number of


10 130

(FY18: 8 616)

* Includes both permanent employees and contractors.

Employees by geography

Employees by geography


Number of


6 690

(FY18: 5 446)

* Includes both permanent employees and contractors.

Employees by geography

Logicalis Employees by geography

Recruiting the best talent

Logicalis recognises that its people are critical to the ongoing success of the business and, by striving to attract the best talent, develop and reward its people for great performance and engage effectively with them, Logicalis aims to optimise the performance of the division.

Developing talent

In Logicalis, the focus on advanced technologies requires a high level of technical expertise, and management works closely with its vendors to ensure that employees are trained appropriately and have the necessary accreditations. In the interests of its long-term sustainability and in order to develop and retain its top leadership talent, Logicalis has established an international leadership development programme for senior leaders. This will enable its top senior technical talent to become more rounded business professionals and increase international collaboration across Logicalis. In order to develop its future leaders internally, Logicalis introduced a high-potential development programme across Europe in FY18, to fast track the development of some of its employees who show signs of having the capability and ambition to assume senior leadership roles in the future. Following the success of this programme in Europe with high-retention and promotion rates of those who attended, it will be launched in Logicalis US and Latin America in FY20.

Rewarding performance

The majority of employees at Logicalis have performance objectives which are linked to the strategy of the local business. Talent and succession management reviews of the leadership team in each business are held annually, to focus on the retention of top leadership talent and effective succession management.

Listening to employees

Logicalis aims to be an employer of choice within the technology industry. To assess what its employees think of the business, Logicalis conducts biannual Group-wide employee engagement surveys, where improvement opportunities are identified in each operation, followed up by action plans which managers and employees agree upon together.

Living its values

In FY18, Logicalis introduced group-wide values for the first time, which has helped the division develop a common identity across its international operations. Employees can nominate each other for value awards for living the values.

Fair and transparent policies

Human resource practices and policies ensure that all employees, wherever they work, whatever their role, are treated equally, fairly and respectfully at all times. Logicalis maintains consistent and transparent diversity policies across all its markets.

Westcon International

Number of


3 171

(FY18: 2 930)

* Includes both permanent employees and contractors.

Employees by geography

Westcon Employees by geography

Creating new jobs

During FY19, Westcon International created a Shared Service Centre in Johannesburg. The Johannesburg Shared Service Centre demonstrates the value of job creation and has a positive impact on the South African labour market. New employees reflect the national demographic makeup of South Africa. The majority of the 90 staff employed are graduates and previously unemployed youth. New entrants vary in experience from entry to manager level.

Recruiting the best talent

Westcon International's strategy clearly articulates that the core strength of its business is its people. Attracting, developing and retaining the best employees across its international business will enable Westcon International to deliver its business priorities and goals.

Supportive environment

Westcon International believes in creating a friendly, supportive and forward-thinking work environment in order to position it as employer of choice. This is underpinned by its values which are at the heart of everything it does — partnership, excellence, innovation, empowerment and integrity.

Employee recognition gifts are sent to employees at key personal landmark moments.

Employee development

Westcon International continues to maintain an environment that supports employees to reach their full potential. It provides support and tools for staff to develop their professional skills, further their career and enhance their leadership capabilities.

Employee learning and development plans span the following key areas:

  • induction;
  • systems training and digital distribution;
  • selling skills and operational skills;
  • e-learning;
  • personal development;
  • management development; and
  • health and safety compliance.

New induction training: attended by over 500 new employees

Sales training: attended by over 200 employees

Learning and development utilises a mix of channels: face-to-face, online, classroom, one-to-one and mentoring. Additional programmes include project management, IT certification and languages.

Early careers

Westcon International's early careers programme is an opportunity for new entrants to enter the exciting world of technology. During this year it has run early career entrant schemes in Spain and the UK.


Through the "Level Up" programme, 16 internships have been created, where participants undergo staged development and training in advanced telecoms technologies.


In line with the National Apprenticeship Scheme, it has 23 apprentices working in the business across sales, pre-sales, business administration and technical engineering.

Diversity and inclusion

As a global business, Westcon International believes that the best work comes from a workforce that reflects the world around us. Different ideas and perspectives help it innovate, manage risk, and grow the business in a sustainable way. That is why it is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

For the first time in the UK, Westcon International published a Gender Pay Gap Report in accordance with government guidelines. This report indicated that it is broadly in line with the industry. Fewer women working in IT and technical roles — which makes up a large part of its workforce — is a challenge for the industry as a whole. Westcon International continues to work hard to create an environment where more women progress through the most senior levels.