Corporate social investment


The Datatec Educational and Technology Foundation ("the Foundation") funds educational organisations whose purpose it is to improve education within underprivileged communities in South Africa. Datatec recognises that education is the foundation on which a successful economy is built. More than 80% of Datatec's R7 million CSI spend was directed into educational initiatives consisting of school level intervention programmes for learners and teachers and educational bursaries. Other initiatives include the provision of technology infrastructure and skills development for unemployed youth.

It has been another successful year for the Foundation in which it met its principal objective to improve the quality of education in South Africa and create opportunities for those less fortunate. Datatec will continue to partner with organisations that are committed to helping South Africa's youth escape the cycle of poverty by providing them with skills and opportunities to enter the workplace and become economically active citizens who can make a positive contribution to South Africa's future.

Highlights of FY17

The following are approximate numbers of individuals who have benefited from the R7 million funding provided by the Foundation in FY17:

FY17 direct beneficiaries

Total number of teachers benefiting from extra training in mathematics and science – 583 (FY16: 781)

Total number of learners receiving career guidance – 948 (FY16: 560)



Total number of learners benefiting from school level intervention in maths and science – 5 499  (FY16: 3 333)

Total number of students gaining access to bursaries –
10 (FY16: 11)

Total number of individuals gaining access to computer technology –
6 982*
(FY16: 12 464)

Total number of individuals benefiting from skills development –
1 674
(FY16: 1 657)

* Reduction in number is due to beneficiaries shifting from direct to indirect beneficiaries.

FY17 indirect beneficiaries

Total number of learners benefiting from better qualified teachers - 100 000+ in various parts of the country

Total number of teachers benefiting from having access to training facilities sponsored by Datatec - 447 in the Western Cape

Total number of community members benefiting from having access to computer technology - 17 000+various parts of the country


CSI spend by geography

CSI spend by category

Secondary school level interventions – teacher and learner development

Datatec funds non-profit organisations that provide professional development to teachers as well as organisations that provide secondary school level intervention programmes focused on improving results in mathematics and science. The primary objective of the Foundation's secondary school level intervention programme is to increase both participation rates and the number of quality passes with a particular focus on the important subjects mathematics and science that allow learners to study towards careers in medicine, engineering, accounting and others that require these subjects. The FY17 beneficiaries are set out in detail below:

Beneficiary Purpose Datatec’s contribution FY17 FY17 outcomes
The Vula
The Vula Programme is Hilton College's educational outreach and community support initiative. It provides an educational service to around 90 under-resourced schools in disadvantaged communities in KwaZulu-Natal.

In 2001, Datatec donated R3 million towards the establishment of a Centre for Innovation, which meant the school could share resources, facilities and access to technology with less privileged schools in the area.

In FY17, Datatec funded projects for a total spend of R200 000:

  • The Vula Science Project
  • The Vula Annual Careers Day
  • Vula Mathematics Academy (VuMA)
  • Administrative assistant

The Vula Mathematics Academy

  • Trained 47 teachers in 2016
  • Provided workshops for 145 teachers in the district.
  • Provided extra tuition in mathematics to 280 learners.

The Vula Science Project

  • Worked with 70 science teachers to provide training in all aspects related to teaching of physical science with emphasis on practical work.
  • Assisted 722 learners with practical work, exam preparation and study and revision workbooks.
  • Provided a four-day residential workshop for 40 teachers.

Vula Careers Day

  • Held a grade 12 careers day for 500 learners from 11 schools in the district.
Kutlwanong – ProMaths

ProMaths assists learners to obtain decent passes (minimum C symbol) in mathematics and science in underprivileged schools.

Datatec has been involved with Kutlwanong since 2011, funding extra tuition in mathematics and science for 400 grade 10, 11 and 12 learners from 11 partner schools in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape. Learners receive tuition every Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as during the school holidays.

Datatec's contribution in FY17 was R3 582 000.

  • Overall pass rate was 98% for mathematics (2015: 95%) and 97% for physical science (2015: 94%).
  • The number of grade 12 learners achieving at least 50% in mathematics is 70 out of 109 (64%) and 81 out of 109 (74%) in physical science.
  • Seven learners with distinctions for mathematics and 12 for physical science.
  • Subject average was 56% for mathematics and 61% for physical science.
  • 76 out of 109 (70%) learners achieved Bachelor passes.
The Tomorrow Trust The Tomorrow Trust provides integrated academic and psychosocial support to orphaned and vulnerable children.

Datatec supports the Senior Saturday and Holiday School Programme for 30 grade 10 and 30 grade 12 learners. The support enabled the learners to receive comprehensive academic lessons in mathematics, English, physical science, life science and computer science as well as providing career guidance support, leadership workshops, and psychosocial support.

Datatec's contribution in FY17 was R778 987.

  • The group of grade 12 learners achieved a pass rate of 100% (national average 76.2%).
  • 25 out of 30 learners achieved a Bachelor university pass.
  • The group achieved 49 distinctions.
  • 68% of the group obtained averages of 50% and above.
  • Top learner achieved 100% in physics and 98% in mathematics.
  • The grade 10 learners improved from a baseline test average of 42% (January) to 60% across English, mathematics, physics and life science at the end of 2016.

OLICO develops tailored education initiatives for South African township communities.

Datatec has been supporting the development of OLICO's open-learning mathematics initiative. The programme offers academic support in mathematics for learners between grades 7 to 12.

Datatec contributed a total of R762 686 towards the programme director's annual salary and in addition also provided funding towards the development of its online mathematics programme.

  • First matric cohort in Diepsloot achieved 100% matric pass rate with 83% Bachelor level passes (achieving in the top 20% mathematics results nationally).
  • 67% of matric graduates are enrolled in degree programmes in 2017, remaining 33% are studying towards diplomas.
  • Mathematics and literacy support continued from grades 7 to 12 in Diepsloot as well as computer-based literacy and numeracy for grades R to 3.
  • OLICO worked with a total of 10 schools in the Western Cape providing training and resources to tutors and 800 learners enrolled on the online mathematics system.

Provision of technology infrastructure

As a leading global technology company, Datatec recognises that access to ICT is vital in a growing economy and it is the Foundation's objective to provide poorer communities with access to computer technology for the purposes of education, skills development and job creation.

Beneficiary Purpose Datatec’s contribution FY17 FY17 outcomes
Institute ("MI")
MI is South Africa's first free university providing financial support, access to education, skills development and personal development tools to underprivileged students in Johannesburg. MI provides work experience to students by offering commercial BPO services. Students work in call centres and earn money while they study towards a qualification.

In 2010 Datatec funded a network infrastructure at MI to run their computer labs on two floors allowing 500 computers to be networked and accessed by students.

During the period FY16 to FY17 Datatec provided funding for the upgrade of the 4th and 5th floors at the centre to become a BPO call centre for domestic and international campaigns.

In FY17 Datatec contributed an additional R500 000 towards the completion of the project.

  • MI has reached a level of 85% operational income sustainability.
  • Contract with Genpact fell through resulting in delays in completing the 4th floor renovations.
  • 5th floor revamp is complete and BPO partnership with Digital Solutions Group successfully taking place with students gaining work experience.
  • Opened second campus in Durban with 100 students.
  • MI held third successful degree graduation with 60 students being awarded degrees through Maharishi University Management (MUM).
  • MI has 98% degree graduate job placement rate.
Beneficiary Purpose Datatec’s contribution FY17 FY17 outcomes
Afrika Tikkun
Afrika Tikkun implements a holistic development model to provide sustainable care and development programmes for vulnerable and orphaned children from birth to 25 years of age.

In 2010 Datatec funded Afrika Tikkun's network infrastructure enabling connection across five community centres. In addition, Datatec provided technology infrastructure for a number of computer centres used by the communities as IT skills training centres.

In FY17 Datatec contributed R250 000.

  • A total of 6 282 children and young people (ages 7 to 35 years) received computer skills through the various computer centres across the country.
  • A total of 544 staff members received computers and laptops paid for by Datatec as well as upgrade in servers and infrastructure required to conduct administrative activities and prepare programme curriculum and monthly programmatic reports.
Computer School

Siyakhula Computer School provides low-cost computer literacy training to underprivileged communities across five centres.

Datatec has been involved with Siyakhula since 2001 and funded the establishment of the first computer school in Ivory Park..

Datatec contributed towards the programme director's annual salary in FY17. (OLICO programme and Siyakhula share the same project director.)

  • The school trained 1 619 students in 2016.
  • Five branches (Ebony Park, Diepsloot, Zandspruit, Thohoyandou and Cala, Eastern Cape) generated a total of R630 890 in low-cost fees sustaining employment for 11 community members.
Inanda Seminary Inanda Seminary is a boarding high school to 400 black female learners.

Datatec donated computers and data projectors to the value of R93 681.

  • Having access to computers and information technology enables educators and learners to access resources that exist beyond the walls of the classroom. Gaining the necessary skills prepares them for the globally inter-connected world.

Bursaries for tertiary studies

The Foundation believes that the investment in mathematics and physical science at secondary level will grow South Africa's talent pool of students studying towards disciplines like engineering, medicine, science and accounting. For this reason, the Foundation commits a portion of its CSI funding to tertiary education in the form of bursaries, particularly in the field of accounting.

Beneficiary Purpose Datatec’s contribution FY17 FY17 outcomes
The Thuthuka
Bursary Fund
The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants ("SAICA") initiative established to provide full bursaries to disadvantaged students at nine SAICA-accredited universities.

Datatec has been in partnership with Thuthuka since 2011 and provides full bursaries to ten students per year for a period of three years.

In FY17, Datatec funded a group of ten students to the value of R574 800.

  • Thuthuka provided bursaries to a total of 764 students in FY17.
  • The pass rate was 55% (down from 72% in 2015) due to the student protests "Fees must fall" affecting universities across the country.

Skills development

South Africa has a high rate of youth unemployment and many young people do not have formal tertiary education or vocational training. Youth in South Africa are not participating in the economy, nor acquiring the skills and work experience they need to assist in driving the economy forward. Not only are young people finding it more and more difficult to secure jobs due to a shortage of job opportunities, but they lack skills, work experience, job search abilities and financial resources to find employment. Youth unemployment is one of the greatest socioeconomic problems currently facing South Africa, leading to tremendous human suffering and resultant consequences of crime, violence, women and child abuse, and societal instability. Datatec partners with organisations that provide information technology training to young people who want to acquire ICT skills.

Beneficiary Purpose Datatec’s contribution FY17 FY17 outcomes
Change the World Trust Change the World Trust is a non-profit organisation that specialises in delivering educational projects related to information technology training for disadvantaged youth and children.

In FY17 Datatec provided funding to enable unemployed youth to receive IT skills training.

Datatec's contribution in FY17 was R100 000.


  • Total individuals trained = 50.
    • 20 students trained in PC basics in IT skills and hardware basics
    • 15 students trained in IT essentials accredited by Cisco
    • 15 students trained in A+ Comptia programme


Westcon-Comstor fully supports a wide variety of corporate and employee-led charitable initiatives, offering both time and resources to improve communities in which its employees live and work. Throughout the company, individuals and teams donate time and resources to multiple causes, primarily in the areas of education, fighting disease and improving health, helping the disadvantaged and general community enrichment.

Westcon-Comstor’s Robyn Newel and Kliptown Secondary Principal
Zain Evans

Westcon-Comstor's Robyn Newel and Kliptown Secondary Principal Zain Evans,
with some of the school's students and their new laptops

The Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa team has supported the Kliptown Secondary School since 2015. Kliptown Secondary, founded in 1924, began its first year with 29 students, 16 boys and 13 girls. Today the school serves approximately 1 900 learners from the disadvantaged Soweto and Eldorado Park areas.

Westcon-Comstor supports Kliptown Secondary by helping fund the school's computer laboratory and providing IT support. The company also hosts annual career days for grade 11 and 12 learners. Business leaders talk with students about IT distribution and day-to-day business activities within their respective business units. Most recently, Westcon-Comstor donated IT equipment to the school's computer lab.

The Westcon-Comstor North America team also supported education through its sponsorship of the Reach Out and Read Colorado book drive and fundraising programme. Reach Out and Read gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into paediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together. The North America team donated books and funding to purchase more books which benefited more than 290 medical facilities and their patient families throughout Colorado.


Logicalis' operating companies are committed to improving the quality of life for their local communities and this year saw increased employee participation in activities that make a difference. Here are just a few highlights:

During 2017, Logicalis US donated US$133 000 to 54 different charities in the communities Logicalis serves across the United States. In addition, Logicalis US encourages all employees to donate their time in their local community by allowing eight hours of paid time off annually.

Logicalis Singapore provided voluntary support to SWAMI Home, a voluntary charity organisation for eldercare and the needy. It supported activities that included playing games with the elderly, sponsoring tea break pastries and having a birthday celebration for elderly people who had a birthday in May. They also organised a movie event for less fortunate children from Club Rainbow, an independent charity organisation that provides a range of comprehensive support services for the families of children who suffer from major chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Logicalis Hong Kong provided voluntary support to Yunnan Project Hope, a voluntary charity organisation for building schools in the rural areas of Yunnan, China.

Club Rainbow Movie Event, Singapore

Club Rainbow Movie Event, Singapore

Logicalis UK donated almost 300 presents to Reading Family Aid that helps and supports the local community living in poverty or in disadvantaged situations, ranging from young carers to those in abusive homes. It also supports children facing disability or illness.

Logicalis Germany made donations of money, clothes and household goods to support refugees staying at the refugee camp in Neu-Isenburg as well as helping accepted asylum seekers to integrate into the local community.

Thomas Duryea Logicalis ("TDL") Australia supported a number of events including Altitude Shift, a charity event which involved abseiling down a 113m high skyscraper, and Melbourne City Mission ("MCM") - Sleep at the "G". These two events raised over AU$13 000 to support Anglicare Victoria, the state's largest foster care agency, currently housing over 400 children per night and MCM, which supports homeless people in the state of Victoria to find temporary accommodation and provide social and mental health support to help them rebuild their lives.

Logicalis Australia made a donation to CareFlight Magic Mania Events, who provide outings for special needs children and their parents or caregivers.

In Brazil, PromonLogicalis donated 38 microcomputers, monitors and laptops to Projeto Casulo, which supports young children and adults in education programmes for work and their local community. They donated some household appliances to Casa do Zezinho, a non-profit organisation that supports young people and children from low-income families living in highly vulnerable situations. They also donated warm clothing to a number of charities across Brazil, including the Red Cross.

Logicalis Brazil also sponsored Instituto da Oportunidade Social ("IOS") for their Business Management Course to support people with partial hearing and visual impairment. This partnership with IOS aims to increase job opportunities for disadvantaged people in the community.